Deep Thoughts – Why No Automation Framework ??

Why don’t ops teams choose an “automation framework” for their “development” ?? Think about it .. How many Bash/Perl/Python/Ruby scripts does an ops team create and maintain in a year ?? 10 .. 100 .. 1000 ??

“But Greg, they do !! It’s called Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Salt/etc ..”

ZING !! Got me there .. But that’s not what I am talking about ..

Yes — ops teams use configuration management tools to MANAGE the scripts they create and maintain, but I’m talking about defining a framework in which ALL scripts would be developed in .. Good (even bad) dev teams do it all the time .. Come on, say the names with me — Spring, Struts, CodeIgniter, Django, Rails, Express, AngularJS, etc .. They’re everywhere !!

So what does that make “us” ?? Good ?? Bad ?? Lazy ?? Adaptable ?? Wouldn’t ops teams realize the same benefits as dev teams if they choose a framework for their development ?? That seems like a logical conclusion, yet, I don’t see the same requirement being demanded from ops teams .. Why is that ??

Sorry .. I don’t have answer for you — but the more I do ops, the more I am convinced there is an opportunity here ..



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