Ansible & ServerSpec, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

We’re not dumb .. We don’t live in a cave .. As infrastructure “developers” — we KNOW we should be writing tests to validate our “code” .. Buuuuttt — how many of us are actually doing this ??

FEAR NOT !! Because it’s really not that hard if you break it down .. Think about it:

  • I have a node
  • I “do things” to that node to make it “more awesome
  • I validate “those things”
  • I move on with my life

It’s the “I validate” bullet we need to focus on .. So then, here we go:

Pick a Testing Framework

Sooo many choices .. Here are some popular ones:

Get it on the Server

OK .. Here we can have a lengthy beer talk about WHAT framework is most supreme and HOW to best execute it (locally vs over-the-wire) — but it’s Friday — and my appetite for prolonged discussions about personal opinion is nil .. So let’s just agree to put ServerSpec on a node with the intention of running tests locally .. Here’s an example of a role that will do just that ..

Write Some Tests

We’re not splitting the atom here — we’re just writing some simple role tests that can validate our intended work .. I mean, look how easy this !!


Get Those Tests on the Server

In order to avoid repeating yourself, this is where you have to get a little creative, in order to avoid repeating yourself .. I need to find a way to get a role’s tests onto a node .. “Hey Greg, haven’t you heard of the synchronize module ??” Yeah, yeah — but I want to be DRY .. I want one solution that works for all roles ..

Eureka !! I’ve got it !!

I’ll create a role who’s sole purpose is to “copy” a referring role’s tests to the target node, and then declare this “copier role” as a dependency of the referring role ..

Run the Tests

OK .. So I lied a little .. You know that role who’s “sole purpose” is to “copy” a referring role’s tests to the target node — I added more to it .. What can I say — it was lonely .. The role will also double as a way to execute your ServerSpec tests, when you want it to ..

Wrapping it Up

Like I said — it’s beer Friday — so here’s the complete solution .. I hope this helps make automated testing “less scary” .. Before you know it, you will be sipping Mai Tais with Mizzy, discussing the effectiveness of unit vs acceptance tests ..


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