Qik-n-EZ: Nagios Status and Acknowledgement Links via HipSaint

This post is kinda dopey, but it might help one person out there in intertubes land .. That said, I have been using HipSaint for ……………….. 3 years ?? It’s great !! It posts Nagios alert information into HipChat:

I then:

  1. Log into Nagios
  2. Locate the host or service that is alerting
  3. Click the link
  4. View the details
  5. Acknowledge the alert, if needed

Y’all know I’m lazy though –right ?? I wish the HipChat message would just give me the links I want .. Well, now it can:

As you will see, I am simply appending the status and acknowledgement links to the Nagios “service output” .. I also use Ansible to populate variables such as:

  • HipChat token
  • HipChat room
  • Nagios hostname

Now I can be as lazy as I want to be:



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